27 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

Your big day is just around the corner, and you want everything to be not just perfect, but really special; you want it to stand out and for it to be a memorable day, something that will be talked about for days. Of course, the wedding ceremony decor is a big part of the day, and a lot of thought and effort needs to go into this aspect. But how will you ensure that you get the ambience and decor right?

14 Stunning Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle 

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One way you can do this is by choosing the right wedding aisle decor hire that also reflect your personal style. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we can help you out with a few ideas of our own.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms wedding aisle decor

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Bring the outdoors, indoors. Cherry blossom trees lining the wedding aisle are absolutely gorgeous; need it to be more romantic? Look for flowering cherry blossom trees. If you’re worried about allergies, you can always choose high quality artificial trees that can be rented for the occasion.

Festive with Flags

Festive with Flags wedding aisle decor

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If you like the offbeat, and are casual, and a fun person, go bohemian with monochromatic flags which somewhat resemble vertical buntings. You can select a few different colors that go with the general theme of your wedding, and place them at the entrance to the venue and even inside. While they are more suitable as outdoor wedding decoration ideas you can always dare to be different.

Go Floral 

Floral wedding aisle decor

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True, flowers are the most common of wedding ceremony decorations; but you can still create a different look with your choice of flowers. You can create an ethereal look with hanging boughs of wisteria; white if you’re a hopeless romantic, and purple if you want to feel royal. You can even create an arch with it for a truly exquisite look. Other wedding aisle flowers you can use are roses (the all-time favorite) lilies, chrysanthemums, dahlias, anemones, sweet peas, hydrangeas, peonies, and lilacs. You can either make bouquets out of these blooms and tie them up with satin ribbons, or place them in vases for a glam and deluxe look; not to mention, your venue will smell fragrant too! Additionally, you could sprinkle petals as floor decorations.


Balloons wedding aisle decor

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Who says balloons are only for kids? You could be getting married, but don’t have to let go of your playful side! You can use balloons in a variety of wedding decoration elements – make arches, have bubblegum balloons in different shapes, and fill a few with helium and have them float to the ceiling – balloons galore. Your guests are sure to talk about your wedding for days!

Rustic Charm

Rustic Charm wedding aisle decor

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If you want a break from hectic city life, why not choose a rural wedding venue with a rustic charm? Choose wedding aisle decor that will complement the environment – wooden chairs, some strategically placed branches, fairy lights, foliage, jute cloth, rope, and simple flowers. You can use tree stumps with a bit of moss on it to line your aisles too.  If Adding a few cow bells, wooden buckets, planks, logs, or hay bales lining the aisle and so on, are great if you want to go full-on rustic. For a woodsy look, you can twine Ivy on the chairs, to make it look as if it has been growing there for ages.

Drape it On

Drape wedding aisle decor

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Choose satin fabric for that soft shiny glaze, and drape the chairs or the ends of pews for a luxurious and elegant look. The best part about this is that it is simple wedding decoration and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can also use lengths of fabric to use as stage backdrops, hang them from ceiling rafters, and attach them onto walls for added chic.

Light Up the Way

Light Up the wedding aisle

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Lights are a must on your wedding decor checklist. Fairy lights, string lights, neon signs with the names of the bride and groom and wedding hashtags, classic chandeliers, quirky LED shape… what kind of lighting are you in the mood for? While chandeliers and fairy lights are classic styles, neon signs and modern LED fixtures make for a cool, relaxed ambience. If you want a fairy-tale, old-worldly charm, use lanterns – they can be placed in aisles, on the stage, at the entrance, and even on the dining tables. You can even make curtains of fairy lights at the entrance, or you can also have them at both ends of the aisle.

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal wedding aisle decor

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Choosing colors and textures that are relevant to the season is one of the best wedding venue decoration ideas.  Are you having a winter wedding? Fluffy covers, boughs of holly, trees with lights, color themes of white and gold with a bit of green, artificial snowmen, wedding wreaths, peppermint candy canes and pine cones will do the job. Similarly, bright colors and flowers for the spring, hues of red, brown, bronze, and yellow for the fall, and so on. It’s a sure winner!

Think Green

Green in wedding aisle decor

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Greenery always looks good; it is a sight for sore eyes. Trees on either side of the aisle (you can go with short natural trees in pots or good quality artificial ones), wedding wreaths, foliage, and green garlands can all be used to good effect. Your wedding aisle and the whole venue in fact will look and smell fresh and radiant. You can get a wrought iron arch and wrap foliage around it and place it at both ends of the aisle for dramatic effect.

Candlelight Glow

Candlelight Glow in wedding aisle decor

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You can create a dreamy and magical ambience with candles. You have numerous options for candles – tall and thin, short and round, fragrant candles, colored candles, tea lights, candelabras, floating candles, and so on. You just need to be careful that the flames from the candles won’t set fire to anything. You can either get perforated covers for the candles to prevent that from happening, or use electric candles. Candles can be used not just in the aisles but also on tables and on the sides of the stage. Among all the wedding ceremony decoration ideas, this is also one of the most economical one you can do.

Snug with Rugs

 Rugs wedding aisle decor

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Create an eclectic feel with patterned rugs lining the aisle and entrance. These are great not just indoors but outdoors too. In fact, they will work great for the outdoors, as it will become easier for the guests as well as the groom and bride to walk on – especially if they are wearing heeled shoes.

Minimalism is fine

Minimalism in wedding aisle decor

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It is ok to be simple and minimalistic. If you are a person who dislikes clutter, keep things simple. Use one of the classic wedding aisle ideas – a few classic floral arrangements, and a few lights can also look great, if done right. Use white or nude colors for an elegant environment.


Ribbons wedding aisle decor

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You can experiment with ribbons to great effect. Use them on overhanging branches of trees, tie them around the chairs on either side of the aisle (or all of them too), make huge bows and use on the stage or walls as well. Ribbons are evergreen, cute, and simple, and you can never go wrong with them for your wedding ceremony aisle decor.


Glassware wedding aisle decor

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Place quirky glassware along the aisle and use uniquely shaped vases to place your bouquets in. You can check out flea markets, charity shops or antique stores to source the glassware. You can even use some of the pieces in your custom stage decoration for a unique look that will surely be the talk of the town!


Romantic Floral Pathway

Romantic floral aisle

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What can go wrong with the classic wedding aisle decorated with white flowers complemented by green or pink blooms, adding a romantic charm to your special day? The air, filled with the subtle fragrance of blossoming romance, sweet hints of pink roses or lush foliage delicately entwined with white roses and jasmine, creates a dreamy ambience.

Gradient Arch

Gradient Arch Aisle

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Imagine walking down the aisle and being greeted by a magnificent archway, adorned by flowers in a gradient manner. The colours gently transition, evolving into softer tones, symbolising tender, blossoming love. The arch stands as a testament to the beauty of your love.

Garland Walkway

Garland Walkway

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Make a statement aisle by laying down garlands made from fresh flowers and greenery. It can accentuate the ceremony location by adding the charm of natural beauty. This creates a fairytale setting, adorned with enchantment, elegance, and the essence of romance.


Monochromatic Wedding Aisle Idea

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Looking for sophisticated wedding aisle decor? A monochromatic wedding aisle that highlights a single hue can be your ideal choice. A bold twist on the conventional, reimagine your wedding aisle with a striking monochromatic transformation. A single colour takes centre stage, narrating a story of understated elegance and beauty.

Vines and fairy lights

Vines and fairy lights

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As you walk hand in hand, surrounded by the enchantment of cascading green vines intertwined with whimsical fairy lights suspended like stars, your dream wedding takes on a new dimension.

Desert Charm

 Desert Charm aisle ideas

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Imagine walking down an aisle transformed into a serene desert landscape, adorned with elegant cacti and succulents, offering ruggedness and delicate charm. Utilizing various types of cacti, succulents, and desert-inspired elements, this decor scheme will create an unforgettable ambience for the couple’s journey down the aisle.

Flower petals

Flower Petals Aisle ideas

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There is something undeniably romantic about a wedding aisle scattered with vibrant flower petals. It instantly adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to your ceremony, creating a picture-perfect start to your forever. You can DIY your memorable wedding aisle using flower petals of different types and a dash of creativity, creating a ceremony that reflects your unique love story.


Fern Aisle Ideas

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If you are in search of an enchanting element for your dreamy wedding, why not go for an aisle lined with ferns, combined with pure white flowers? You can make use of ferns like white delphinium, larkspur, snapdragons, and other wild ferns. The clusters of emerald ferns, interspersed with ivory blooms, create an enchanted pathway.


Chandeliers Aisle Ideas

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Boost the glam of your wedding with the chandeliers that exude royal vibes. Add to the romance of the ceremony with white wisterias. Using chandeliers will also make the lighting perfect. Swathed in shimmering crystals, each chandelier becomes a beacon of love, suspended like constellations paying homage to the celestial union of the couple.

Bold and Beautiful

Bold & Beautiful aisle ideas

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A wedding aisle is not just a walkway, but a passage filled with hues of joy and the vibrance of a new beginning. You can opt for a bold-coloured aisle for a touch of modern flair. To complement this, you can even have your chairs adorned with bold-hued ribbons or fabrics, tying the entire look together.


Mirror Aisle Decor Ideas

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Ever wanted a dreamy yet contemporary wedding? Mirrors can be the perfect match. You can use a rectangular-shaped mirror, pampas grass, and soft-toned roses. You can incorporate seating and other elements in silver colour to complete the look. To have a more edgy atmosphere, you can even add different shaped mirrors.

Baby’s Breath

Baby's Breadth Wedding Aisle Ideas

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One of the most versatile elements in the realm of wedding decor, baby’s breath can be used to decorate your wedding aisle to give it a soft romantic feel. You can’t go wrong with this flower, especially in spring and summer.

Tropical Pathway

Tropical Pathway aisle decor ideas

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Yearning a Hawaii wedding? Lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and other exotic elements can transport you and your guests into the enchanting, tropics. You can also infuse a burst of colours with some tropical flowers like vivid orchids, brilliant bird-of-paradise, and cheerful hibiscus. Place these blooms amidst the foliage and palm leaves or arrange them in baskets for an ethereal atmosphere.

Your wedding day should be all about you and your significant other; these are merely ideas and suggestions, which you can add to or tweak to create your own signature decor with Party Suppliers Sydney. Your guests are sure to be impressed with your choice when you put thought and effort into decorating your wedding event.

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