60 Wedding Sign Ideas for Your Enchanting Love Story

The wedding welcome signs are the first thing that leaves an impression about your big day, even before the guests step into the venue. It speaks volumes about the style and ambience of your celebration. Though seemingly small, serves as the exquisite finishing touch to your entire wedding. From photo-worthy to unique and timeless welcome signs, your signage is the elegant facet of your wedding decor.

In search of the ideal way to welcome your guests on your special day? Well, look no further! We have compiled a list of 60 stunning and unique welcome sign ideas, guaranteed to etch an everlasting memory in the hearts of your guests.

The Role of Wedding Signage beyond Decoration 

Role of Wedding Signage

Wedding signs are important as they serve various purposes. 

  • They help the guests with directions, especially in expansive wedding venues. 
  • These signs set the tone of your grand day, creating a warm and welcoming environment
  • Moreover, they can be a lovely keepsake, leaving a lasting impression of the cherished memories from your celebration.

Elements to Be Incorporated in Your Welcome Sign

You can keep the following points in mind while deciding how you want your welcome sign to look. None of the points are a must, and you can be creative with your signage.

Elements to Be Incorporated in Your Welcome Sign

The basic verbiage to include in a welcome sign:

  • The classic “welcome” or “welcome to the wedding of”
  • Names of the bride and groom
  • Wedding date

Apart from these, you can add the following to your signage: 

  • Incorporate a meaningful love quote
  • Include a timeline of the entire wedding
  • Enhance the welcome sign with florals and greenery that harmonise with the overall vibe of the wedding
  • Consider including hashtags or social media information for your event
  • For an unplugged wedding, include relevant details or a brief note
  • Any other pertinent information, like a thank you message or a short itinerary, may be included.

Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Welcome Sign

There are numerous creative ways to display a wedding welcome sign to add a personalised flair to your grand occasion. Popular display options include suspending it from a chic frame, setting it atop an easel, leaning it against a surface, mounting it within a frame, utilising repurposed items like antique window frames or staircases, or positioning it at the entryway.

A Look into the Types of Wedding Signs

Wedding signs serve as both a practical and stylish way to keep your guests informed about your wedding. Whether you opt for as many or as few signs as you would like for your wedding, here are some of the most common types of signs we suggest displaying!

Types of Wedding Signs
  • Welcome Sign: Make a good first impression with a stylish wedding welcome sign! This sign greets your guests as they arrive and sets the tone for the rest of the day. It can be as simple as your names and the date or super informative – with info about your wedding timeline, your wedding hashtag, or where to sit for your ceremony.
  • Guestbook Signs: Ensure your guests don’t overlook your wedding guest book with a simple sign that asks them to sign! This could be a small sign next to your book, or a large sign that doubles as a place for signatures. The options are endless!
  • Seating Signs: Help your loved ones find their seats in style! This wedding sign is typically displayed at the entrance of your reception venue, and it features your guests’ names and seat assignments. Go traditional with a classic alphabetical sign, or create fun and unique escort cards to match your wedding theme!
  • Table Signs: Speaking of seat assignments….once your guests know their table number, help them easily find their seats with chic wedding table signs! These are small details that can make a big impact on the overall energy of your reception. From elegant table numbers to creative on-theme displays, there are SO many ideas to make your wedding table signs pop!
  • Bar Menu or Signature Cocktail Signs: Drinks, anyone? Let your guests know what libations are available with a bar menu sign or a display for your signature cocktails. This is your chance to get creative — add an illustration of your favourite drinks or incorporate a fun pun to get everyone in the celebratory spirit. We’ll toast to that!
  • Directional Signs: Do you have a sprawling venue with different areas for activities? Help your guests find their way with cute directional wedding signs. Whether it’s pointing them to the dance floor, dessert table, or even the nearest restroom, these signs are both functional and super cute.

Exploring the Variety of Wedding Signage

1. Detailed Signboard

 Detailed Signboard for wedding

You can greet your guests with a beautiful signboard that provides them with all the necessary information about the ceremony in advance.

2. The Botanical-Themed Signboard

Botanical-Themed Signboard for wedding

If you have a nature-themed wedding, you can go for a glass signboard adorned with lush greenery.

3. Mirror Signboard

Mirror Signboard for wedding

Enhance your mirror with calligraphic decals to create a personalised mirror signboard for your special day.

4. Whimsical Signboard

Whimsical Signboard for wedding

Welcome your guests with a  sweet and whimsical signboard featuring vibrant flowers and lush green leaves.

5. Neon Signboards

Neon Signboards for wedding

Cast a glow on the couple with a playful neon sign that infuses a touch of modernity into the ceremony.

6. Tropical Vibes Signboard

Tropical Vibes Signboard for wedding

Elevate your tropical wedding with a welcome sign embellished with palm and monstera leaves, complemented by exquisite calligraphy.

7. Banner Signage

Banner Signboard for wedding

Upgrade your welcome sign with a sleek contemporary banner.

8. Large Calligraphic Signboard

Large Calligraphic Signboard for wedding

Infuse the wedding with a romantic charm by including a life-sized calligraphic welcome sign.

9. Leather Signage

Leather Signboard for wedding

Blast the ambience of your boho-themed wedding with a quote to elevate the spirit of the event, embellished on a leather welcome sign.

10. One-Liner Signboard

One-Liner Signboard for wedding

Greet your guests with short, witty, or simple sentences that extend a warm welcome to them.

11. Minimal Signboard

 Minimal Signboard for wedding

When you opt for a modern yet minimalistic wedding, why don’t you choose a welcome sign that reflects this style?

12. Witty Signboard

witty Signboard for wedding

Weddings mark one of life’s most unforgettable moments. So, “Why so serious?” Infuse your grand day with lightheartedness and enthusiasm using clever welcome signs!

13. Road Sign Welcome Board 

Road Sign Welcome Board for wedding

You can enhance your venue entrance by displaying a multi-directional welcome sign with the date and ceremony venue location.

14. Short and Sweet Signage

Short and Sweet Signage for wedding

Capture the essence of your special day in a brief and sweet message, just as sweet as your love.

15. Tiled Sign Board

Tiled Sign Board for wedding

Crafting a welcome sign using tiles brings a Mediterranean charm to your wedding. You can further decorate the sign with flowers and greens

16. A-Frame Sign Board

A-Frame Sign Board
 for wedding

Opting for an elegant wedding? A simple, sweet A-frame adorned with fresh flowers can be your perfect welcome sign.

17. Poetic Verse Sign Board

Poetic Verse Sign Board for wedding

Infuse your wedding signage with verses from your favourite poem for a personalised touch.

18. Boho -Themed Sign Board

Boho -Themed Sign Board for wedding

From fresh flowers to wooden elements and dried foliage, decorate your welcome sign to create a bohemian-themed wedding sign.

19. Quote Sign Board

Quote Sign Board for wedding

Add a love-filled quote to your greeting and ignite romance in the hearts of your guests.

20. Rustic Wedding Sign Board

Rustic Wedding Sign Board

Add to the overall wedding day experience with a rustic welcome sign, characterised by natural elements that exude a simple yet elegant charm.

21. Geometric Shapes Sign Board

Geometric Shapes Sign Board

If you are a maximalist or simply want to make a statement, install a welcome sign composed of multiple planes of geometric shapes.

22. Glided Frames Signage

Glided Frames Signage for wedding

A welcome sign enclosed in a glided frame brings in an old-world, glamorous flair that’s perfect for a vintage-themed wedding.

23. Sign with Schedule

Sign with Schedule

To provide a glimpse of what’s ahead, use your welcome sign to map out the day’s schedule, keeping guests informed about the timing of each upcoming event.

24. Crystal Sign Board

Draw the attention of your guests with an exquisite welcome sign board resembling a crystal surface.

25. Elegant Calligraphic Sign Board

Elegant Calligraphic Sign Board

Bring an elegant touch to your wedding with a signboard featuring elegant calligraphy that evokes a sophisticated feel.

26. Glass Sign with Floral Decor

Glass Sign with Floral Decor

Set the tone of your event right off the bat with a glass sign adorned with flowers and foliage.

27. Installation Sign Board

 Installation Sign Board

Welcome your guests in the most dramatic way, with a stunning installation with an embedded welcome sign.

28. Sign Board with a Welcome Gift

 Sign Board with a Welcome Gift

You can use your welcome sign to extend the welcome gifts to your beloved guests.

29. Pampas Grass Signboard

Pampas Grass Signboard

Pampas grass, known for its association with bohemian weddings, stands as the most loved wedding decor. Why not infuse it into your welcome sign too?

30. DIY Signage

DIY Signage

Customise your wedding signs, bring in a touch of personalisation, and flex your creativity.

31. Pressed Flowers Signage

Pressed Flowers Signage

Opt for pressed flowers as the canvas for your welcome sign instead of a plain background. These preserved blooms will form a vibrant, lush display at your wedding.

32. Vintage Design Sign Board

Vintage Design Sign Board

Amp up your vintage wedding with a welcome sign that reflects the wedding theme perfectly.

33. Geometric Patterns Signage

If your entire wedding is bold and bright, extend that theme to your signage. Opt for dynamic graphic signs featuring a fusion of bright, bold colours.

34. Sign Board with Bible Verse

Sign Board with Bible Verse

The Bible provides beautiful verses on love. Take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on your devotion to Christ on your special day.

35. Sign Board with Celebratory Drinks

Sign Board with Celebratory Drinks

Kick off your wedding celebrations with a beverage that can make the celebrations more enjoyable. Why not position your sign alongside the welcome drinks?

36. Metallic Frame Sign Board

Metallic Frame Sign Board

Evoke warmth at your wedding using an elegant welcome sign framed in metallic accents.

37. Watercolour Accent Signage

Watercolour Accent Signage

Seeking an artistic statement for your wedding’s first impression? Transform your welcome sign into a masterpiece with an infusion of watercolour designs.

38. Signboard with Message of Gratitude

 Signboard with Message of Gratitude

While the design of your welcome sign often grabs attention, the words you choose are equally significant. Express your gratitude through a heartfelt message in your welcome sign.

39. Vibrant Signage

Vibrant Signage

Set the tone of your wedding with a vibrant welcome sign, that stands out.

40. Wooden Signage

Wooden Signage

For a rustic touch at a farm, vineyard, or distillery, a welcome sign featuring a wooden base is the perfect complement to your aesthetics.

41. Fall-Inspired Welcome Sign

 Fall-Inspired Welcome Sign

For nuptials in autumn, a welcome sign decorated with fall foliage beautifully encapsulates the spirit of the season.

42. Sign Aligned with the Theme

Sign Aligned with the Theme

Take a reference from your wedding theme and incorporate it into your welcome sign.

43. Monogram Sign Board

Monogram Sign Board

Combine the initial letters of your names for a personalised monogram effect.

44. Sign Board with Golden Letters

Sign Board with Golden Letters

In search of a luxurious and refined welcome sign? Opting for a gold font against a white background could be the perfect choice.

45. Acrylic Sign Board

Acrylic Sign Board

For a modern and polished wedding affair, acrylic signs are a must-have.

46. Minimalistic Blackboard Sign

Minimalistic Blackboard Sign

Take a less-is-more approach with a minimalistic blackboard welcome sign.

47. Circular Welcome Sign

Circular Welcome Sign

To infuse your wedding decor and signs with a distinct touch, explore different shapes. Instead of going with a standard rectangular plaque, embrace uniqueness by opting for a circular wooden sign to welcome your guests.

48. Laser-Cut Signboard

Laser-Cut Signboard

Jazz up your wedding venue with a laser-cut welcome sign that exudes modernity.

49. Retro Signboard

Retro Signboard for wedding

For a wedding inspired by the 70’s era, ignite the good vibes with colourful retro-style wedding welcome signs.

50. Table Top Signage

 Table Top Signage

Create a significant impact through the small details provided by a tabletop welcome sign. From signs with vintage flair to classic black and white acrylic ones, the options are endless.

51. Great Gatsby-Styled Sign Board

Great Gatsby-Styled Sign Board

Infuse the glitz and glamour into your wedding with an elegant, vintage-themed welcome sign, reminiscent of The Great Gatsby – an emblem for its style, romance, and unforgettable parties.

52. Layered Sign Board

Layered Sign Board

Employ tonal layering as a chic method to introduce colour into your wedding decor, offering subtle hues like orange, pink, cream, and brown. Enhance the texture of the wedding welcome sign by incorporating an array of blooms.

53. Handwritten Sign Board

 Handwritten Sign Board

Want some gorgeous wedding day signage? Consider penning the message you wish to convey to your guests for a personal touch.

54. Sign Board with Couple Photos

Sign Board with Couple Photos

Keep things personal by including some of your favourite snaps of the two of you on your welcome sign.

55. Minimal Monochrome Signage

Minimal Monochrome Signage

Combine linen sheets with simple fonts and foliage to make a significant impression when paired with a minimal or monochrome theme.

56. Baby’s Breath Sign Board

Baby’s Breath Sign Board

Create an air of love and softness by incorporating the beloved wedding decor flowers—baby’s breath – complemented by a wooden sign and some ferns.

57. Guest Book Sign Board

Guest Book Sign Board

Maximise the utility of your wedding welcome sign by repurposing it as a guest book, where your family and friends can leave a special message for you.

58. Dramatic Wedding Sign Board

Dramatic Wedding Sign Board

Bring a wave of excitement to your wedding with a dramatic signboard embellished with golden letters.

59. Draped Signboard

Draped Signboard

For a romantic and whimsical garden or outdoor wedding, consider a welcome sign adorned with draping fabric. The gentle, feminine tones and the flow of the fabric create a calming and ethereal atmosphere for the arriving guests.

60. Linen Wedding Sign

Linen Wedding Sign

Using a soft linen wedding welcome sign can infuse your special day with warmth and intimacy. The natural texture and neutral hue of linen can harmonise with any wedding theme or colour palette while creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Elevate Your Picture-Perfect Wedding with Personalised Signage

wedding signage ideas for wedding

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