25 Exciting Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Leave Your Guests Spellbound

We all dreamt of having a vivacious wedding that would be the talk of the town long after you’re done with the last dance. A lot is happening in your wedding planning: themes, decor, cuisines, and one more thing you need to plan well in advance, i.e., the wedding entertainment.

The Wedding entertainments at your wedding is the lifeblood of your party—something that will make all the little details matter. Make sure your wedding day is filled with the enchanted ceremony your dreams have always imagined by thoughtfully arranging the entertainment. 

Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Make You Dance, Laugh and Love a Little More

We’ve picked up some really fabulous wedding entertainment ideas that you could make use of for the wedding reception. Let us get on with it right away.

1. Children’s Corner

We understand that you want every single person on your guest list to smash it while being a part of your big day. If you are also seeking an event that is enjoyable for children, similar to a ceremony, then let us ensure that the event  is executed properly. First things first, for the tiny tots to have a great time, we must create a kid’s corner. This is a fantastic idea, as it doesn’t just mean fun for children; it also means that parents can have much more fun.

Wedding entertainment Ideas kids corner

2.Lawn Games

When it comes to outdoor activities and games for your wedding day, you can take inspiration from an endless number of ideas. Anything that gets your people engaged and closer can be an excellent idea for a cocktail hour game.

These outdoor games can be absolutely anything that comes around to be fun, like cricket, table tennis, life-sized chess, tossing the ring, limbo sets, bowling pins, dart games, and so much more.

Lawn games as wedding entertainment ideas

3.Whisky Tasting

Are your guests connoisseurs of fine beverages? If you know they are, you could hold a corner for whisky tastings or any other drink of their choice to rave about. We’ve seen this trend go viral over the last season, and we’d vouch that this little trick is sure to get your party started.

Whisky tasting wedding entertainment

4.The Photo Booth is Always In Vogue

This one is an unabashed plug. It’s one sweet spot that you find in all kinds of parties, be it school balls, college and university balls, mixers, masquerade parties, and why not at weddings? Photo booths are a very popular and widely used entertainment idea, but they never go off trend because of the amount of pep they add to your party.

Photobooth as a entertainment in wedding


Setting up a funfair is not as simple as it may appear, and in fact, it is next to impossible to do at most events. To spice things up, you may consider having a funfair if you have a significant setting, for starters. As a bonus, you can get some stunning candid shots for your wedding album.

wedding entertainment ideas

6.Flash Mob

They can exhilarate any setting with their tremendous entertainment value. Everyone has, at least once in their lives, wished they could be a part of it or see it from a distance. The crowd and the performers both end up having a great time.

flash mob as wedding entertainment

Plus, you can pull off a wonderful surprise even for the happy couple if you keep it a little hidden. On top of that with top-quality dance floor, you can have the entire atmosphere grooving to your dance moves.

7.Synchronised Swimmers

This is a brilliant idea for activities if you’re considering organising a pool party as part of your wedding reception. Guests will be swept off their feet by the powerful choreography and synchronised swimmers, so it’s best to plan it for the afternoon or during the day. 

pool party as wedding entertainment

8.Fire Performers

Would you also want to wow your visitors with a spectacular fire show? Gather your guests to savour the mouth-watering dishes, gather them around the table and strap them in for a spectacular fire performance while they savour the mouth-watering dishes. It will leave everyone watching in awe. 

fire dance as wedding entertainment idea

9.Glitter Glam Corner

Glitter Glam Corner  is a fantastic addition to your wedding’s after-party entertainment. To keep the energy high and the fun flowing, organise glitter-themed games and contests. Think about including activities like a glitter scavenger hunt, glitter-themed trivia, or a best glitter outfit contest.

glittery wedding entertainment

10. Marshmallows by the Fire

Arrange a charming fire pit with twinkling lights and comfy seating for guests to gather around and toast marshmallows. The soft crackling of the fire provides a soothing backdrop, enhancing the overall warmth and charm of the space.

Entertainment in wedding for guests and couple

11. Elegant Euphoria by Belly Dancer

Watch in awe as Belle Dancers mesmerise your guests with their graceful movements and captivating choreography. Their elegant performances, inspired by classical ballet and contemporary dance, exude sophistication and charm, creating an atmosphere of refined entertainment.

belly dance during wedding reception as an entertainment

12.Go Retro for Wedding Games

Set up various game stations featuring beloved retro classics such as ring toss, bean bag toss, giant Jenga, croquet, lawn darts, and horseshoes. These timeless games provide hours of entertainment and friendly competition for guests to enjoy.

wedding games as wedding entertainment

13. Mini Golf 

Add a playful twist to your wedding festivities with a mini golf course that promises to delight guests of all ages. Set up a customised mini-golf course tailored to fit your wedding theme and venue space.

playing mini golf wedding entertainment

14. Flashy Fireworks 

Fireworks are an excellent option to celebrate and mark the beginning of your new shared life with vibrance. If your wedding venue supports the idea of having fireworks, then you should definitely consider it for your wedding entertainment, as your guests will have a lot of reactions and moments. Excellent photographs will be an added perk.

entertaining guests with fireworks during wedding reception

15. Treasure Hunt

Age-old entertainment that isn’t losing its charm any time yet. Craft a themed treasure map that guides guests through various locations within the venue or surrounding area. The map can feature illustrations of key landmarks, hidden clues, and cryptic riddles that lead participants closer to the ultimate treasure.

wedding entertainment ideas used in Sydney

16. Silent Disco

The magic of silent disco is slowly picking up steam. Wedding receptions have not explored this option much, but it’s an excellent choice of entertainment for your after-party. It creates effortlessly soothing and cheerful vibes.

Disco as wedding entertainment

17. Spruce Up the Moment with Wedding Table Games

Turn your wedding reception into a hub of excitement and camaraderie with a selection of entertaining table games. From classic favourites to new spins, these interactive activities provide guests with endless opportunities for laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable moments, ensuring a celebration that is as engaging as it is memorable. 

wedding table game as wedding entertainer

18. Pass the Parcel

Add a dose of playful nostalgia to your wedding festivities with the timeless game of ‘Pass the Parcel’.

Prepare a beautifully wrapped parcel, filled with layers of wrapping paper and small gifts or trinkets tucked between each layer. Customise the contents to include items that reflect your wedding theme, such as mini bottles of champagne, personalised keepsakes, or fun novelty items.

pass the parcel game as wedding entertainment

18. Let’s Give Into Magical Tricks

Again, a very old and time honoured entertainment option. Keeping your guests entertained and engaged with magic tricks and skills is a great idea for your wedding.

Magic show during wedding as entertainment

19.The Surprise Ring Bearer

Throughout history, people have valued owls as messengers and symbols of good luck. So why not mark the beginning of marital bliss with the romantic idea of an owl being the ring bearer for your engagement ceremony? The owl’s discreet, romantic, and beautiful entrance will live on for a very long time in the hearts of your people.

owl as ring bearer

20. Confetti Cannons 

If, for any reason, you don’t want to end your night with something like fireworks, confetti cannons might be your thing. Now that we have ample options, such as biodegradable  ones, we’re so in check. Prep up your wedding photographer to seize the moment when everyone lets them off.

And just in case, consider using a cake cover or dome to protect the wedding cake from any stray confetti that may land nearby.

Confetti cannons as wedding entertainment props

22. Shoe Game for the Couple

This is probably the easiest and most fun game for your wedding party. It’s pure fun and all about how well you read each other. How closely have you been paying attention to each other? Let us test all these fun facts and put on an absolutely fabulous show for your wedding guests. 

shoe game- a best wedding entertainment idea

23. Welcome a Live Painter

We all know that live performances by artists are enchanting. On this joyous occasion, bring an accomplished artist to celebrate with you. Let him or her pick a spot; they’ll likely go for one where they can see the whole scene. Watching him in action will enthral  your visitors. It is incredibly creative and thoughtful.

live painter during wedding drawing portraits of guests

24. Wheel of Merry

Based on your chosen wedding decor and theme, you could place the wheel of merry as and how you please. Placing it somewhere around your wedding reception table is sure to keep your guests entertained for quite a while. Even a DIY Merry Wheel will be a really cool idea to fit around the guest tables.

best wedding entertainment ideas

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25. The First Wedding Waltz

Join a dance class or hire a personal choreographer to dazzle the dance  floor with your partner for life. It’s not a new idea of entertainment, yet each time it reflects beauty, elegance and grandeur. You should not inform your guests, and this can be a total surprise for them. 

This is always going to be a beautiful gesture, where the moment is grand and pure bliss in itself.

unique wedding entertainment ideas

Spiff up Your Big Day with Some Juicy Wedding Entertainment Ideas

From the laughter-filled moments to the genuine connections shared among loved ones, our wedding day is a celebration of authentic experiences and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

We carefully execute every detail of our big day to ensure a beautiful ceremony. It is equally important that the wedding entertainment we plan reflects the joy and vibrancy of the occasion. Let’s make sure our entertainment choices embody the spirit of laughter, fun, and genuine enjoyment, creating an atmosphere where everyone can join in the celebration and create unforgettable moments together.

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