White Glossy Cake Table


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White Glossy Cake Table Hire

Wedding celebrations are incomplete without cutting luscious cakes. The ethereal sensation of beholding the delectable dessert on a pristine white cake table on your big day is indescribable. This enchanting sight is sure to transport you to a realm of pure magic and delight.

Experience the irresistible charm of the pure wedding cake table, a wedding decor choice that has captured the hearts of many.

Material used: Aluminium Composite Panel

Our cake tables are crafted using the finest-grade aluminium composite panels, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to rust. The flamboyant and sheer white glossy surface adds to the artistry and rich taste of the cake.

Dimensions: 3 ft * 3 ft * 3 ft & 4 ft * 4 ft * 4 ft

In addition, we also provide cake tables of customised dimensions, tailored to your requirements – 3 ft * 4 ft * 3 ft

Combine the elegance and opulence of the white cake table with the white glossy aisle and the white glossy bridal table, and elevate your special occasion to new heights.

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