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Hire Curve Stage Steps

Weddings are splendid and enchanting occasions, celebrated with profound emotions of love, unity, and the promise of lifelong commitment. These are the days when two souls unite harmoniously for a fresh start. This special day brings families and friends together, embracing the joy and happiness of the day.

Elegantly curved steps can add to the charm of the moment as the couple steps onto a new journey, beginning a new life together. At Classy Events, our utmost priority is to curate an unforgettable experience for your special day, leaving no room for anything less than grandeur and opulence.

Materials Used: Crafted with the finest aluminium alloy and expertly designed with sleek wooden panels, our steps are not only resistant to wear and tear but also provide exceptional durability.

Dimensions: Our carefully curated steps are designed with utmost precision to improve and enrich your wedding experience.

1 m to approx. 2 m length & 150 mm to 250 mm height

No. of steps: 1 to 5 steps

Enhance your wedding experience to new heights by seamlessly combining the curved steps with a white round stage that symbolises your unity and togetherness and a white wedding aisle that reflects the purity of your relationship.

Get the best wedding decor hire  from the best party suppliers in Sydney, Classy Events, and create enchanting tales on your big day.


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