Custom Print Dance Floor


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Custom Print Dance Floor

Weddings mark the joyous union of two souls, embarking on a life long journey together. Amidst the love and heartfelt vows, the dance floor stands out as an element of zeal. It is quite challenging to resist the irresistible urge to sway and move in perfect synchrony with the melodious tunes emanating from the printed dance floor.

Materials used: Digitally printed floors

Built with high-quality printed material, our dance floors ensure exceptional quality and longevity. These floors are designed to withstand vigorous movements and forces.

Dimensions:  Our dance floors are thoughtfully designed to effortlessly accommodate everyone. With ample space to spare, these guarantee a harmonious gathering and ensure that no one is left behind on your big day.

1.2 m width & 2.4 m length

Elevate your wedding day into an ecstatic experience with the premium party suppliers in Sydney. Classy Events. Indulge in the pinnacle of refinement and grace as you explore our exceptional collection of the finest wedding decor.

Transform your most beautiful day into an enchanting and elegant ambiance by combining the printed dance floor with the wedding aisle and bridal tables.


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