LED Dance Floor


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LED dance floors aren’t just surfaces to dance upon; they are captivating stages that mesmerise guests with their vibrant displays of light.

Wedding dance floors are inevitable in a celebration of the union of two souls. Starting a new life with moments to be cherished for a lifetime with your beloved one, grooving to the rhythm is a euphoric feeling.

Embark on a fresh chapter of life, filled with precious moments that will forever be etched in your memory, alongside your cherished partner. And what better way to celebrate these stunning moments than by sharing your first dance with your partner on an LED dance floor?

Dimensions: 1.2 m width & 2.4 m length
Materials used: LEDs,  Acrylic Sheets

Our supreme-quality LED dance floor panels are created from optical-grade acrylic sheets that are scratch-proof and long-lasting. The LED dance floors create a mesmerising allure by radiating brilliance, that mirrors your luminous future. The meticulously designed dance floor ensures that no one is left behind in the joyous celebration.

Bring an enchanting aura to your wedding day with unrivalled party suppliers in Sydney, Classy Events. Indulge in the pinnacle of refinement and grace as you explore our extraordinary selection of elite wedding decor.

Take your wedding experience to the next level by pairing the LED dance floor with our exquisite collection of bridal tables and cake tables.

Elevating Ambiance with LED Dance Floor

A unique aspect of the LED dance floors is to complement and create the festive atmosphere. LED dance floors can be customised to exactly match your vision, whether you’re going for a bright, party vibe or a more romantic glow. Hire our top-notch LED dance floor to make your party even more glamorous.

Benefits of Hiring Illuminated Dance Floor From Classy

  • Customisable LED Dance Floor

With our LED dance floors, you can customise every aspect, including size, shape, pattern, and colour.

  •  Practical Considerations Light up Dance Floor

Classy offers LED dance floors that are simple to set up and keep up. You won’t have to worry about any additional stress when setting up or maintaining your big day because it will be quick and easy.

  • Budget-Friendly LED Dance floor

Hiring an LED dance floor from Classy can really improve your wedding reception at a reasonable price. You can create a lovely atmosphere without going over budget with rental packages that are flexible to fit every budget.

  • Concerned about the safety of LED Dance floor ?

Our LED dance floors are made with durability and non-slip surfaces with safety in mind, so you and your guests can have a worry-free time. Additionally, they follow all applicable safety laws, providing you peace and comfort on your special day.


1. What distinguishes an LED dance floor from a conventional one?

LED dance floors provide an added element of excitement to your celebration with their built-in lighting elements that can be programmed to produce dynamic patterns and colours.

2. Can LED disco dance floors be used in outdoor weddings ?

Yes, LED dance floors are the ideal option for any location because they are adaptable enough to be used both indoors and outside.

3. Is it feasible  to change the LED dance floor’s colour?

In most cases, the colour of an LED dance floor can be changed. LED dance floors frequently have lighting options that you can customise, colours to fit your wedding’s theme or personal tastes.

4. Are dance floors with LEDs safe to use?

Yes, non-slip surfaces and sturdy construction ensure that you and your guests have a worry-free experience. LED dance floors are developed with safety in mind.

5. When is the best time to reserve an LED dance floor for my wedding?

To guarantee availability, it is advised that you reserve your LED dance floor as soon as possible, particularly if your wedding is taking place during the busiest wedding season.


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